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5 ways to resign professionally (FREE)

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Why did you leave your last job (FREE)

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How much do you earn? (FREE)

Most people hate taking about money. Learn how to explain how much you earn with ease...

Describe yourself as a person. (FREE)

Struggle to talk about yourself? Don’t! Find out why you need to be confident!

How much do you want to earn? (FREE)

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What achievements have you made? (FREE)

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What are your strengths? (FREE)

Afraid of sounding like you have a big ego? Learn to talk about your strengths, humbly.

What are your weaknesses? (FREE)

Don't want to talk yourself out of a job? Turn your weaknesses into strengths...

What other benefits do you want? (FREE)

There is more to a job than money. What else is important to you?

What do you hate about your current job? (FREE)

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What do you love about your current job? (FREE)

You love some things about your job. But why do you need to discuss them?

What do you want to do in your next job? (FREE)

You want to make sure that your next job is the right one. Gain clarity on what this looks...

Why are you looking for a new job? (FREE)

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Dig Deeper and Answer Interview Questions like an expert!

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How much do you earn?

Ensure you can answer this question with ease and confidence. It is an important one!

Describe yourself as a person

You know yourself better than anyone. So then why is it so hard to answer this question?

How much do you want to earn?

Ask for too much $$ - you lose the dream job. Ask for too little $$ - you miss out.

What achievements have you made?

Achievements show the interviewer how good you really are. Nail this question...

What are your strengths?

What can you bring to your next employer? Be ready to tell the interviewer with these tips...

What are your weaknesses?

Learn a great way to turn a weakness into your advantage and be 1 step ahead...

What other benefits do you want?

Work-life balance, leave, car, laptop...what is really important to you in your next job?

What do you want to do in your next job?

How important is the company, the role, your manager, the location? What else is important...

Why are you looking for a new job?

Come on tell me - what is the REAL reason you are looking for a new job!

Awesome career and interview tips

Interview like a MASTER. Get expert advice and tips to make sure that you perform at your best in your next interview

How to stay (career) marketable

Making yourself indispensable to your current company or irresistible to a prospective one...

Keep on learning (FREE)

Why is it important to keep on learning and growing? Explore some ideas here...

How to Get a Promotion (Without Working Longer Hours) FREE

Want to climb the corporate ladder? Check out this...

25 Ways to Wow Your Boss & Win Them Over

Sometimes we don't like our boss, but it is essential that they think you are great. Find...

5 tips to make your Linked In Profile Stand Out

With close to 500 million users on LinkedIn...use these tips to make you stand out!

Are you happy at work?

Coach yourself to determine how engaged you are in your job and company.

3 things to ask yourself when considering a career change

Are you really looking for a new job, or is it just a rut you are in?

7 Reasons why losing a job can be good for you

Just lost your job? Don’t despair - look on the bright side and change your attitude.

How to stay positive when you are searching for a job (FREE)

Finding a new job can bring you down. Staying positive with these tips!

10 powerful questions to ask in an interview

When you ask some of these 10 cool questions you will impress the interviewer!

How to speak clearly in an interview (FREE)

It is essential the interviewers understand what you are saying. Watch this powerful tip.

A thank you goes a long way (FREE)

Find out what you can do after the interview to really impress the interviewer.

Talk in the first person (FREE)

Break out of the habit of talking about everyone else. After all who is being interviewed...

Answer the question you are being asked (FREE)

Keep the interviewer engaged! Discover how to answer the question being asked.

Why be nice to the receptionist

This super tip is one that you will never forget!

Be real

Find out why it is important to bring yourself to the interview, and not some stranger.

Do your research (FREE)

Why do you need to do research? What should you research? Check this out!

Don't waffle (FREE)

Keep the interviewer engaged!! Discover how to make sure that the interviewer doesn’t fall...

What to do with the Coffee Cup? (FREE)

Another super tip to put you ahead of the other candidates.


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