Corporate Retreats
And Expeditions

Getting the company's decision makers off-site, away from corporate office,
has considerable benefits for both the executive and the organization.

We tailor our retreats and expeditions to suit your specific goals and objectives,
and can cover strategy development, team building, product creation or any
other business goal identified.

Retreats Expeditions

Jump Off The
Hamster Wheel

Our retreats and expeditions are conducted
in remote areas of the UAE or in the Annapurna
Massif in the Nepalese Himalaya's

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Individual And
Company Focused

Retreats and expeditions have a focus on daily group and
individual coaching, while covering off the organization's objectives.

We highly recommend our holistic approach to retreats, incorporating
time to slow down (meditation), gentle exercise (yoga) to ground each
participant before the day of creativity begins.

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We focus on what's important - the executive's growth and development and the business objectives.
Our aim is to encourage an active lifestyle and well being, allowing the executives to
recharge, refocus, regroup and move forward in a positive way.

Our preferred resorts are eco-friendly that have minimal impact on the environment.

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Our expeditions are created to ease the executive out of their comfort zone
in a safe yet challengin way.

Experiencing nature at it's most glorious, in the mystical Nepalese Himalaya's,
trekking through traditional Nepalese villages, we focus on the executive's growth and
development and the business objectives through daily individual and group
coaching as well as daily practice of meditation and yoga.

This is the ultimate recharge and refocus package.

Treks are tailored to suite all levels of fitness and adventure.

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