Bringing a Realness
To Coaching

When you undertake a coaching journey with me, you know you
will be getting direct, honest and empathetic feedback. Something
that can be unique and refreshing in today's world.

I have been a successful entrepreneur, with over 25 years in
managing businesses, built on a foundation working as an accountant,
a recruiter and a coach with a focus on developing people,
helping them succeed and grow — from good to great.

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I am skilled at improving
Individual Behavioural Change

Whether partnering with senior or "up-and-coming" executives in corporations to help them operate in their "A" game, with executives looking for guidance in their next career move, with entrepreneurs to help them develop and manage their business ventues, or with men who are looking for personal behaviour changes, I am full committed to ensuring that every client receives a positive outcome and develops during the coaching journey.

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An adventure seeker, nature lover,
Hiker, Motorbiker, Under a tree sitter.
I believe in people.

I have lived an exciting life, across many countries, have dropped out of society for
a time, lived as a hermit in nature, and enjoyed a successful corporate career in
Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

I consider mental well-being as important as physical well-being and incorporate meditation,
yoga and exercise into my daily life. It is this that grounds me and provides me with the
purpose and energy that I bring to my coaching practice.

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